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MR technology is advancing just as fast as consumer technology, so why is the average age of an MR older than the first iPhone?

Despite significant advancements in technology over the years, the average age of an MR system in the United States is 11 years old. That’s older than a first generation iPhone! In annual census reports, radiology directors consistently rank the age of their MR systems as a top issue.
Today, many customers are stuck in a cycle of reacting to the market, only investing with emergency capital when it becomes absolutely necessary. Yet having the latest technology can generate revenue and provide cost savings opportunities. For example, trying to extend the useful life of an asset can result in economic strain, leading to unexpected downtime, under utilization, and lack of clinical preference as technology advances—all contributing to lost revenue.
At Healthcare Financial Services, we are seeing customers who have traditionally paid cash for their assets, turn toward alternative acquisition models. This transition is not always due to a lack of capital, but because it has become a smarter way to manage assets. As experts in healthcare finance, we can help review your technology mix and develop a personalized approach that will let you capitalize on opportunities that current technology offers--all within your financial goals.
Keeping Advances in MR technology
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