Healthcare Financial Services
Providers are trying to adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Each has their own set of unique challenges and opportunities, including where they are and where they want to be. Healthcare Financial Services offers a breadth of solutions to help customers address their varied needs and goals—solutions that are also tied to clinical and operational roots of the organization so they are robust enough for long-term support.
Traditional acquisition models
In an era of uncertainty, it can be difficult for organizations to develop financial and operational strategies with the flexibility to adjust to internal and external market forces. Leasing can deliver that flexibility to manage assets, right-size capacity and drive standardization or utilization so providers can adapt to changes in reimbursement, industry consolidations, and innovations in technology.
Risk-sharing models offer providers the flexibility to expand and grow while addressing uncertainty regarding demand, reimbursement, and technology. Usage Based Billing (UBB) is an ideal solution for providers seeking to add new imaging technology yet uncertain that demand will support expansion. Reimbursement Based Billing (RBB) can enable increased capacity for procedures that have an uncertain reimbursement rate.
Portfolio optimization and management
When demand and reimbursement are less predictable, it becomes more important for providers to have a strategic assessment of existing assets. We help organizations create a technology management plan that is aligned with clinical, operational, and financial goals. With a full assessment of asset optimization and capital planning efficiency, we can help healthcare systems reduce operational costs.
Technology management
Some customers seek a holistic approach to technology management and financing. As experts in healthcare and finance, we can incorporate technology service, healthcare expertise, and finance in a way that helps manage technology obsolescence and lock in predictable cost structures. We can work closely with customers to understand their clinical, operational, and financial goals to help improve clinical efficacy and drive consistency through standardization and asset optimization.
Common financing products
  • Custom Fair Market Value Leases
  • Tax Exempt Equipment Loans
  • Taxable Revenue Bonds
  • Technology Management Solutions
  • Equipment Loans
  • Tax Exempt Revenue Bonds
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